Monday, September 27, 2010

117 pounds lost

Hello all!  Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, but the most incredible thing has happened... my weight, and my weight loss, have stopped being the biggest focus of my life!  Doesn't that just beat all???  Anyway, I figured it was time for at least one more update.  I'm down to 175 pounds.  It's totally crazy!  I now wear a size 14 jeans and a size Large shirt.  (That's down from a size 26 jeans and a XXXL.)  Here are a few pics...

Here I am, about 9 years ago, at my heaviest - well over 300 pounds.

Here's a picture taken of me recently standing in one leg of my size 26 jeans and with one of my favorite old shirts that's a XXXL.  I now call these my "trophy clothes."  :-)
Here are some family pictures that show the change...
the one bottom right is the newest of course.

This shows a little of the progress from 292 down to 175.
 And by the way, if you're considering having weight loss surgery of any kind... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go in under the knife until you have your eternal destiny settled.  It is appointed to man that he die only once and then face the judgment of a Holy God.  Check out so you can be sure you know what's going to happen to you after death BEFORE you put yourself at risk in surgery. 

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A Woman Seeking God's Heart said...

LOL, that pic of me and Mandy is SOOOO old, wow. :) Btw, in case I didn't tell you, it was really really good to see you at the deeper conference! Please give the boys and your man a hug from me. God Bless!