Saturday, March 24, 2012

My First Gastric Bypass Party!

Today is March 24, 2012... 2 years and 2 months since I had gastric bypass surgery.  My weight is holding steady at 165!  From my "official" starting weight of 292 that's a loss of 127 pounds... but from my heaviest weight (320) it's a loss of 155... which sounds even better!

Dr. Peter LaPort is the gentleman who did my surgery, and today his offices hosted a celebration that I got to attend.  It was a very nice lunch complete with karaoke and line dancing!  But the best part, by far, was getting to meet so many who are on this journey as well.

By the way... if this is your first time here, you probably want to read the posts starting with the oldest one first. I started video blogging before my surgery two years ago and cover many things you may have questions about from what the pre-op visits are like, to what your belly will look like after the surgery, to what an awful experience dumping syndrome really is.

Anyway, I thought I would include a little picture, just to keep this blog somewhat updated.

God bless!

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