Tuesday, February 8, 2011

127 Pounds Lost! Down to 165! More than a year later...

Today is February 8, 2011.  January 11, 2011 was the one year anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery.  

I was over 300 pounds when I had a heart "attack"-ish experience and was taken from a restaurant to the hospital by ambulance. Chest pains like someone trying to crush my ribs were later diagnosed as a possible blood clot passing through my heart. Thankfully to God none of the heart muscle actually died (so not technically a heart attack). But it really made me wake up. I scheduled gastric bypass surgery for January 11, 2010. Now my weight is 165. Still 20 pounds overweight for my height, but much better off than I was a year ago! So I'm really thankful to God, and to the surgeon! 

Now I'm wearing a size 10 pants, and a medium shirt!!!  That's down from a size 26/28, and a XXXL shirt.  So it's a total of 127 pounds lost (starting from 292 which is what I weighed the day after Christmas 2009).  

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