Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow

Yes... yes... it's finally happened. Despite my careful vitamin routine, my hair is saying bye-bye. Woke up the other day to find a little hair-ball on my pillow. It looked like I had just cleaned out my hairbrush. I then gripped my hair on both sides of my head, and came away with handfuls! *sigh*

Apparently this is a natural part of losing so much weight so fast. If most of you moms think about it... you'll probably remember losing your hair about a month or two after you gave birth.

Well... I guess I just gave birth, in a sense, to a 70 pound "baby!" Today I'm down to 224 (from 292 that's 68 pounds). 



dede said...

i'm going to borrow your title for myself for a just a moment and revise it a bit, i'm gonna call it...
"Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...Never Coming Back"

funny thing about hair...i was never really blessed
with rich, thick l'oreal-type hair. quite the opposite
i'm afraid. so, after the delievery of my 3rd and final son, i knew i had better stock up on tissues (tears) and getting used to using the word "bald". and now 12 yrs later, after the suggestion of my nurse friend, and at the ripe older age of 52, i have begun taking pre-natal vitamins again...can't hurt, right? ahhhhhhh, the things women must go thru!

oh well, as always prayers are being lifted up. you're doing great and if i might add, looking very healthy.


StratoArt said...

Anna you are SOO beautiful!!